2015 Season

Music with George Steel 


Renowned music director George Steel shares selections from his personal handlist of the most startling and beautiful music of the last 1000 years. He will show both what the composers were up to-the marks of their craft and the extent of their influence and how music is central to human life and culture.








The World War I Notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas

buck hill book 1Along with millions of other French-men, Louis Barthas, a thirty-five year old barrel maker from a small wine-growing town, was conscripted to fight the Germans in the opening days of World War I. His notebooks and letters, recently translated by Strauss, a former cottager represent the quintessential memoir of a French infantryman on the front line of World War I.

Read an excerpt here: www.amazon.com/Poilu-Notebooks-Corporal-Barrelmaker-1914-1918/dp/0300212488

Learn More About the Frick


Join us as we learn about one of America’s most important Museums from its beginning as a private residence of one of America’s wealthiest men, Henry Clay Frick, to its development into one of our leading art museums and art libraries, and its dynamic plans for the future.


The Wyeth Legacy

No name is more synonymous with American art of the 20th Century than Wyeth. As a teenager, Victoria Wyeth began studying with her grandfather, Andrew Wyeth, and for fourteen years learned not only his technique and subject matter, but also fun family stories. Please join Victoria as she shares her memories of her grandfather and his paintings.

An Evening with Delia Ephron


Nothing is constant. Everything in life is always in flux: what we want, what we dream of, what makes us happy, what makes us unhappy. This talk is about change. Change you want to make, change you are forced to make, change you are scared to make and all the ways our childhoods make it easier or harder for us to adapt. Drawing for her own life and professional experience, Delia Ephron talks about the times in her life when she has had to change direction. This talk filled with entertaining stories, colorful observations and sharp insights-mines Ephron’s talent for both the serious and funny.






 The Insider’s Olympic Games

Michael Klatt’s career in international broadcasting has brought him to a unique variety of projects and locales, most notably to 12 Olympic Games. Michael (one of Buck Hill own) will illuminate the length and breadth of what it takes to bring thousands of hours of sports action to television and to the world.

History of Buck Hill


A 3rd generation Buck Hiller and Foxhowe Board President JR Robbins take us through a tour of the historic resort town with period images.


Evening with Diana Jones


Diana Jones is an award-winning singer/songwriter and recording artist. She has released four CD’s including the critically acclaimed Museum of Appalachia Recordings, a collection of original songs inspired by old-time Appalachian folk music.

 Sample tracks of Museum of Appalachia Recordings can be heard here: 


A feature piece on her life and music appeared in the New York Times.


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