The State of the World

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

 Sunday, August 13th

Buck Hill Falls Tennis Tea

Cocktails 5:30 p.m., Presentation 6:00 p.m.

Mark Malloch-Brown’s Twitter timeline taps him as “Following the world: through its politics, development and conflicts.” Such a generalization is the tip of the categorical iceberg for an international, live action-figure. Development Specialist at the World Bank and United Nations; Minister of State for Africa, Asia and the United Nations; 2nd Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations; Administrator of the United Nations Development Program; and Member of the House of Lords, Buck Hill’s own Malloch-Brown has held weighty titles to headline his even weightier lifetime of global work. He took charge of field operations for Cambodian refugees in Thailand and has consulted on election campaign methodologies in such countries as Chile, Peru, Columbia and Bolivia. A man of vocalized conviction in every role, from the United Nations to the government chambers of the UK Malloch-Brown will discuss the state of the world from an international perspective.

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