2018 Season

Global Hot Spots & High-Tech Espionage – David Ignatius

David Ignatius has been described as having an “unparalleled understanding of the intelligence world” and is widely considered one of America’s best foreign affairs columnists. His studies in political theory at Harvard College and economics at Kings College, Cambridge, launched a 40-year career as a journalist and analyst covering everything from the steel industry to the Justice Department, CIA, Senate, and State Department to the Middle East. Ignatius’s early years as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal led to his position as executive editor of The International Herald Tribune and his publication in such periodicals as Foreign Affairs, The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, and The New Republic. For the past 15 years, Ignatius has published an award-winning twice-weekly foreign affairs column in The Washington Post. Ignatius has turned his experiences with the CIA into 10 best-selling spy novels, including his latest, The Quantum Spy, set in the futuristic world of high-tech espionage. One critic says, “Few understand espionage culture as well as Ignatius.”

A Century in a Weekend – Celebrating the Inn at Buck Hill Falls

Foxhowe joined the Buck Hill Conservation Foundation and the Lot and Cottagers’ Association in a weekend of celebrating the Inn at Buck Hill Falls.

On Friday night, families kicked back to the days of the Blue Stone Room with games, ice cream, burgers and bar. On Saturday, the Conservation Foundation hosted the annual fundraiser Dinner Dance, with the theme of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

On Sunday, in anticipation of the premier of the Inn Documentary premier, the Inn site took on a new life. Memorabilia tables, music, food, and children’s activities all evoke the sharing of memories and envisioning of the future.

Capturing Critters with Cameras – Pete Oxford

Internationally acclaimed conservation photographer Pete Oxford has had vast experience working with children from around the world.  He enjoys introducing children of all ages to the passions that ignited in him as a child and will entrance children with his photographic menagerie of penguins, hammerhead sharks, giant tortoises and stripe-bellied sand snakes.  He aims to widen their vision to the wonders of the world beyond most young people’s current experiences. Pete will share his images and stories of animals and people from around the world. His stories will range from fun, happy, sad, to educational and conservation-related.

The Power of Photography – Pete Oxford

Outdoor Photography magazine names Pete Oxford as among the top 40 most influential nature and conservation photographers in the world. Oxford’s award-winning conservation photography has illuminated the pages of such publications as National Geographic, Time, International Wildlife, WWF, Smithsonian, The Economist, The Guardian and more.  Pete’s work has also been featured ten times in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards.  The British-born photographer and his South African-born wife Renee Bish are a professional photographic duo aiming their lenses primarily on wildlife and indigenous cultures. After 30 years of living in Ecuador, Oxford now lives in South Africa where he continues to use the power of the image to further conservation efforts around the world. His company, Pete Oxford Expeditions, conducts unique, small-group expeditions for travelers and photographers to remote and pristine destinations.

Kindness Rocks – Children Inspiring Others

Across the globe, the Kindness Rocks Project has brought the joy of creating, inspiring, hiding, and finding. Buck Hill launches its own version of Kindness Rocks, whereby children paint small rocks, imbue them with some uplifting message or graphic, and tuck them in locations throughout the community. The rocks then begin a journey of their own, chronicled online, as finders of all ages pick them up, enjoy the vibe, and then carry them to another location to await the next discovery and relocation. The fun fad spreads good vibrations combined with a game of hide-and-seek with endless players and places. In coordination with the Buck Hill Art Association

Forty Years with Villa I Tatti – Susan Roberts

Since 1961, Villa I Tatti, the Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, has nurtured scholarship that advances global humanistic learning. Buck Hill’s Susan Mainwaring Roberts credits the start of her long relationship with Villa I Tatti back to her senior year in high school, when her mother gifted her a book about art historian Bernard Berenson. Berenson bequeathed the Villa, with its library and art collection, to Harvard as a center for collaboration and study advancing understanding of the Italian Renaissance. To date, I Tatti has welcomed over one thousand appointees working in the fields of Italian Renaissance art, history, literature, philosophy, history of science and music. Susan’s degrees in Fine Arts and the History of Art (University of Pennsylvania) led to her 40-year association with The Harvard Center.  She is presently Chair of the Villa I Tatti Council, an international advisory group. In coordination with the Buck Hill Art Association

Wild West: The Mystery of the Golden Piano – ScienceTellers

Grab your spurs and journey with us to the Wild West, where a legendary bank-robbing outlaw is back in town, about to strike again! After the Sheriff mysteriously vanishes, two young kids must saddle up to foil the great heist — but not before stopping a runaway train, escaping an abandoned mine shaft and discovering how a mysterious piano can play an “instrumental” part in putting a rotten cowboy back behind bars. Throughout this absolutely wild adventure story, volunteers from the audience will help us explore the fascinating science behind chemical reactions, acids and bases, combustion, air pressure, inertia and more. The program correlates with STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) curriculum. ScienceTellers proves that science is accessible and fun, and that it is something anyone can do!

CRISPR: A Genetic Revolution – Ronald P. Hard, Ph.D.

Scientists can now permanently alter the DNA in living organisms precisely and more cheaply than ever before. The revolutionary technology CRISPR is making genomic manipulation a new and powerful reality. The ability to correct specific mutations that cause blindness, or ones that make wheat vulnerable to killer fungi is now within reach. The therapeutic potential of this technology has been recognized not only by science and medicine but also by investors, who recognize that businesses will rise and fall as CRISPR is deployed. Frenzied patent litigation is already underway. What is CRISPR? What can scientists do now that they could not do before? What are the dangers lurking in this brave new world?  Ronald P. Hart, Ph.D, Professor of Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Rutgers University and Director of the Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey Stem Cell Program will answer these questions by outlining CRISPR technology, therapeutic strategies being developed, and the ethical challenges needing resolution.

Dining at the White House – Chef John Moeller

John Moeller’s 13 years as a White House Chef endowed him with the culinary versatility and countless memories of having served three First Families and their guests. First joining the White House staff in 1992 as sous chef and then transitioning to Chef, Moeller cooked up one-of-a-kind dishes that relied on fresh and flavorful ingredients for three administrations: that of George H.W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and George W. Bush. He created and prepared meals for an array of guests, from Julia Child and Vladimir Putin to Sophia Loren and Tony Blair. Growing up in Lancaster, PA, Moeller honed his culinary skills at Johnson and Wales College, in France and in the Caribbean. Moeller’s book, Dining at the White House—From the President’s Table to Yours, a hybrid of memoir and cookbook, takes readers through the doors of the White House kitchen.

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